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Corrugated Board - Stacker Automation (click for detail)
CSI supplies pre-engineered Logix PLC based Systems for complete drive and control replacement for Down-stacker and Up-stacker's from several manufacturers The CSI system fully automates existing stackers
Corrugated Board - Stacker Automation (click for detail)

Stacker System ConsoleStacker System Console  
Stacker system console houses the touch screen or SPE operator interface and PLC/Drive controller allowing upper and lower ...

Stacker Console - Logix PLC and IOStacker Console - Logix PLC and IO  
Console mounted Logix PLC allows operation of Upper or lower Stacker during service of other stacker section. Console ...

Remote Stacker Operator StationRemote Stacker Operator Station  
Ethernet Remote I/O controlled pushbutton devices and full function touch screen

Stacker AutoMation Conveyor and PositionStacker AutoMation Conveyor and Position  
CSI supplies pre-engineered Logix PLC Ethernet networked Drive systems to fully automate Existing Downstacker and Upstacker systems

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