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AMXN-ENET Gateway 77C387K
DCSnet to Ethernet Gateway
DCSnet to Ethernet Gateway
USD $ 2,495.00
Suggested Retail Price:
USD $ 2,950.00
The M/N 77C387 AMXN-ENET module operates as a data bridge between Rockwell Automation Automax DCSnet network and Ethernet. EtherNet/IP protocol is supported providing seamless connection to the ControlLogix, SoftLogix5800, CompactLogix (L23E, L35E, L4*) controllers and OPC servers. AutoMax Programming over Ethernet is supported using Rockwell Automation AutoMax V3.9 or V4.3 programming software.

  • M/N 77C387 AutoMax DCSnet to Ethernet Interface
  • M/N 77C380 Mini Passive Tap
  • M/N 77C381 DCSNet Interface Cable
  • Configuration and Setup Software
  • DR-4524 Power Supply
  • Supports AutoMax Programming Software over Ethernet using VDD supplied with AutoMax software
  • Configurable for DCSNet Slave mode drops 1-55 with drop depth 1-55
  • Configurable for DCSNet Drop 0 Master Mode including broadcast and diagnostic Registers
  • PLC5 Emulation - files N100 thru N155 (each file is 64, 16bit registers long corresponding to each DCSnet drop)
  • Support for OPC server for Operator Interface and other MMI interface
  • Support for EtherNet/IP for seamless interface with ControlLogix, FlexLogix, CompactLogix L35E.
  • Programming Support for V4.3+ and 3.8+ AutoMax and PC3000 V4.3+
  • Network Compatable with all version of AutoMax and DCS5000
  • SupportsEthernet 10/100 megabits/second
  • Maximum data transfer rate over Ethernet 1.5 Mbytes/second
  • DIN rail mounting included
  • Firmware field upgradable using supplied utility over Ethernet
  • Configurable bridging between AMXN-ENET modules
  • EtherNet/IP Explicit messaging supported
  • EtherNet/IP scheduled configurable connection supported in V2 firmware



Made in USA

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Description AMXN-ENET Gateway 77C387K

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