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Cerutti Press Replacement Drive and Cont 

CSI has a state of the art Vector AC Drive And ControlLogix Control package for replacement of vintage drives and controls on existing Cerutti presses

System Features
  • Closed Loop Rockwell Automation GV3000/SE vector drives, RPM-AC Vector Motors, with ControlNet Interface
  • ControlLogix controller with ControlNet link to to Drives, Remote I/O and Operator Interface
  • Propriatary hardware replaced with CLX function block programmed drive regulator functions
  • Remote I/O used to reduce installation cost
  • 17 inch Color Touch screen providing for press setup functions, calibration and system diagnostics at new Operator Console
  • New major control stations with remote I/O
  • Network and analog interface to IR and UV drying systems by Prime UV and others
  • Precision speed match for turret unwind and rewind to insure making all splices
  • Ethernet/IP interface to plant MIS and for remote system servicing
  • Full CAD drawing set of new and existing equipment

Payment Methods
Credit Card and Credit Approved Purchase Order

Description Cerutti Press Replacement Drive and Cont 

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