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Singlefacer drive/control(click for deta SFDL700S

Singlefacer main GV6000/Powerflex 700 75 hp Drive, 10HP Bridge Drive, 5HP Pre-conditionier drive, DriveLogix PF700S Drive Controller with High Speed Ethernet I/P interface to drives and Ethernet I/P RIO interface, PanelView 700+ touch screen /compact RIO P/B station and machine located RIO panel. Base package includes 75HP DPG-FV Vector Motor/encoder, 10HP TENV RPM-AC vector bridge motor, 5HP TEMV RPM-AC vector Preconditionier motor. System Mounted in E-9000 Enclosure with provision for 4 additional option drives and other system options.

  • Mult-mode High Preformance Vector Drive with robust network interface in compact bookshelf packages
  • State of the art multi-tasking, Multi-languge controller with high speed drive network and A-B remote I/O supported with one integrated software package.

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Description Singlefacer drive/control(click for deta SFDL700S

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