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Cerutti Press Replacement Drive and Control Systems (click for detail)

CSI has a state of the art Vector AC Drive And ControlLogix Control packages for replacement of vintage drives and controls on existing Cerutti presses. Features of custom system package can include: * Closed Loop Rockwell Automation PowerFlex 700S vector drives, RPM-AC Vector Motors, with SynchLink/Ethernet/IP Interface * Electronic Line Shaft Section Retro-fit Drive/Mechanical Package * ControlLogix controller Integrated E-lineshaft gearing with registration control with SynchLink / Ethernet/IP link to to PowerFlex 700S Drives, Remote I/O and Operator Interface * Propriatary hardware replaced with CLX function block programmed drive regulator functions * Unwind and Rewind PowerFlex 700S (integrated ControlLogix motion) Vector AC Replacement Package * Remote I/O with used to reduce installation cost * 17 inch Color Touch screen providing for press setup functions, calibration and system diagnostics at new Operator Console * New major control stations with remote I/O * Network and analog interface to IR and UV drying systems by Prime UV and others * Digital precision speed match for turret unwind and rewind to insure making all splices * Ethernet/IP interface to plant MIS and for remote system servicing * Full CAD drawing set of new and existing equipment * AMXN-ENET 77C387 provides Ethernet/IP connectability for existing AutoMax based Cerutti systems and replacement for obsolete ISA PClink interface to existing Wonderware operator interface. * Replacement Digital FlexPak3000 Replacement DC drives with DCSnet

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